Data Virtualization

When was the last time you received immediate access to information for taking a quick, business-critical decision?

Today’s enterprise challenges demand near real-time access to data. The exponential growth in data is likely to accelerate with the growing number of devices, sensors and disruptive technologies.

Most organizations today have an information “discover, access, infer and share” challenge from applications that don’t talk to each other, when needed. There is a real need of harmonization of siloed data from disparate structured and unstructured sources. And legacy data techniques are not enough anymore.

Data Virtualization provides a unified, direct access to any data – irrespective of its location or native format, without replicating it in a central repository.

Various industries are deploying data virtualization solutions to access and analyze large volumes of data, formulate various business strategies and make business-critical decisions.


Through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery styles in their data integration architecture.

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Sage IT’s Unique Data Virtualization Framework

Sage IT’s one-of-its-kind, unique framework for rolling out a data virtualization solution essentially comprises 4 stages i.e. A-B-C-D of Data Virtualization. Assess, Blueprint, Construct and Deploy.

Business benefits of Sage IT’s Data Virtualization Solutions:

  • Faster access to data, when you need it
  • Competitive advantage by accelerating time to market
  • Responsive and proactive access to data for making informed business decisions
  • Least data redundancy
  • Lower infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX
  • Lower time spent on managing data, directly affecting bottom line
  • More agility to change