Enterprise Data World 2020

Enterprise Data World 2020

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
Enterprise Data World 2020

Sage IT is a proud Thought Leadership Speaker at Enterprise Data World, March 22 – 27, 2020, Sheraton Hotel & Marina San Diego, California.

The 24th Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on Data Management in the world. Join over 1,000 data professionals from around the globe to attend this unique event, learn from peers and experts, and bring dozens of actionable takeaways back to the office. Your transformation to data-driven business starts here!

Our Head of Digital Modernization and Elite Panel Member of the Forbes Executive Council, Manish Mehndiratta, will be speaking on Why Data Virtualization is so critical today.

Session Details –

 Why Data Virtualization is so critical today
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
07:30 AM – 08:15 AM
Business / Non-Technical
Format: Special Interest Group

Data Virtualization is a data integration technology for enterprises that involves working with data to create a single version of the original set that is delivered across heterogeneous users and applications. It works by integrating data from diverse sources, locations, and formats, in real time, without replication.

 Data Virtualization’s built-in, location-transparent architecture coupled with large-scale analytics architectures naturally supports futuristic applications in a hybrid cloud environment. It goes beyond tiered views and delegable query execution to offer seamless enterprise growth.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction to data virtualization
  • Key benefits
  • Example use cases (with reference to case studies)
  • A few do’s and don’ts

Key benefits of data virtualization:

  • Faster access to data
  • Maximized benefit from data in real time
  • Least data redundancy
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to traditional data integration processes
  • More agility to change, and lesser querying across data silos

Reach out to Manish Mehndiratta mmehndiratta@sageitinc.com to block his calendar for a consultative meeting in San Diego, or simply write to us at marketing@sageitinc.com to learn more about our Digital Modernization practice and how we enable customers Crush Cost, Grow Sales and Transform!

Event Link – https://edw2020.dataversity.net/
Speakers – https://edw2020.dataversity.net/speakers.cfm

Manish Mehndiratta is Director of Digital Modernization at Sage IT, Inc. As the Principal Architect for the Digital Modernization GTM Practice, Manish is the leader for the organization covering integration and data technology. He is focused on solving business problems through appropriate application of technology. He has over 13 years of experience in designing and building implementations that allow for business agility and future scalability needs. Manish is well versed in Enterprise Integration Patterns, Microservices, Micropatterns, Cloud, DevOps Automation, and CI/CD. As a TOGAF-certified architect, Manish is recognized in industry as a thought leader and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. He has published numerous articles on topics including Data Virtualization, Event-Driven Microservices, and Digital Transformation.

Author: Michael Guillory