Date Posted : 12/01/2020

053120-Manager-Training and Development

Job Description:

Analyze training and development needs of the organization and individual business and practice teams. Create and implement training programs to train new hires and improve expertise of exiting teams with contemporary Information Technology skills, tools and technologies that make the best use of available resources. Plan, develop, and provide training to the staff in their development programs by using the knowledge of effectiveness of methods like classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, collaborative sessions, webinars, conferences, and workshops. Manage and be responsible for organizations ’s OEM partnership (such as TIBCO, Google, Microsoft, MuleSoft, Automation Anywhere, UiPATH, AWS, ServiceNow etc.,) requirements in terms of teams, talent, POCs and certifications .Evaluate effectiveness of the self-paced and class room training programs and make changes to improve the same .Provide training to all delivery teams on project management and delivery methodologies including Waterfall, Agile SCRUM and get them certified as needed .Evaluate performance of internal and external instructors by evaluating test scores, certifications achieved, and discussions with employees participating in the programs .Ensure that training methods, content, software, systems, and equipment are appropriate and meaningful to training programs and development goals of the organization Develop constructive and dynamic environment to the employees and provide a platform for their growth and improve employee engagement .


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering  or equivalent.

Location: Primary worksite is Frisco, TX, but relocation possible.

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