Date Posted : 04/13/2020

7058-Software Engineer

Job Description:

Design Apigee Proxies in accordance with Enterprise API design principles and conventions. Create and maintain YAML and SmartDocs documentation to retrieve data from the back-end system/servers. Support Mobile Application teams during UAT and rollout phases. Configure new Policies and work flow’s using Apigee Edge tool for efficient, well-structured and working of requests and responses from the backend systems/servers. Develop new proxies in the Facade design pattern to demonstrate the working POC to the Client for enhancement of the present proxies. Research on the concepts and documentation the information in the Molina Wiki Portal. Use MicrosoftAzure, Apigee, AWS, Google Cloud, J2EE, ava EE, Mongo Database, Apigee Edge UI, Apigee BaaS, Apigee Sense, Apigee Micro gateway, Maven Plugin, YAML, Developer Portal, SmartDocs.


Master degree in Computer Science or related with 6 months experience as Software Engineer/Developer or IT Consultant.  Related exp must include using J2EE, AWS, Mongo Database.

Location: Primary worksite is Frisco, TX, but relocation is possible.

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