Mine Your Journey to Digital Excellence

Mine Your Journey to Digital Excellence

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
Sage IT Webinar

Role of Process Mining in Accelerating Digital Transformation

Day : Wednesday

Date :  October 13, 2021

Time :  11:00 am CDT (1 Hour)


The rise of process mining technology in the recent years has enabled business leaders to recognize gaps and other areas of inefficiencies in their business processes that can be filled/enhanced. By fully integrating process mining into the system, businesses can get real-time visibility to data for effective decision-making.

This joint webinar presented by Sage IT, a global provider of IT services & Software AG in partnership with the Everest Group will provide key insights and guidance on the role of process mining in ensuring operational excellence and accelerating digital transformation.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The need to change to a digital first business
  • Role of process mining in accelerating digital transformation
  • Business and enterprise use cases
  • Adoption challenges and key factors for a successful execution

Featured Speaker


Amardeep Modi

Vice-President – Everest Group

Amardeep Modi (Amar) is a Vice President at Everest Group and assists clients on topics related to technology areas across the intelligent automation ecosystem, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), process mining, and process orchestration. His responsibilities include leading Everest Group’s Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) offerings globally.

Panel Members


Roland Woldt

ARIS Business Transformation Solutions

Americas, Software AG

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Panel Members


J-M Erlendson

Business Process Management

Americas, Software AG

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Michael-Guillory Sage IT

Michael Guillory

Chief Marketing Officer, Sage IT

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Author: Michael Guillory
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