Sage IT : Helping businesses move forward with Cognitive Automation

Sage IT : Helping businesses move forward with Cognitive Automation

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
Sage IT : Helping businesses move forward with Cognitive Automation
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What do you imagine if you see a robot doing your task sitting in front of your computer and performing the same keystrokes as you would do? It may sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but this is one of the beautiful concepts of robotic process automation technology.

While robotic process automation (RPA) does not involve any form of physical robots, it constitutes software robots that can mimic human activities by interacting with applications in the same way that a person does. Working as a virtual assistant, RPA streamlines the business operations by automating mundane manual business processes while enabling businesses to concentrate on revenue-generating tasks.

Leveraging the potential of RPA, Sage IT Inc, a leading robotic process automation solution provider in the USA is helping organizations to accelerate their business processes while reducing the operational costs and overall time consumed to accomplish the task. The company realized that many enterprises significantly rely on their employees to manually execute the repetitive tasks which can be error-prone and time-consuming. Hence, they envisioned a solution that could ameliorate such situations, and as a result, Sage IT Inc came into existence.

Today, the innovative company offers IT services, solutions, products, and professional services to help businesses reach their goal. Through deep technical expertise in applying Cloud, Integration, IoT, Mobile, Analytics and Automation technologies, it helps organizations to solve real business challenges in a smarter way.

Making Businesses Smarter with Cognitive Automation Capability

While RPA significantly improves a company’s operations by replacing the rote human activity with automated tasks, it has certain limitations when it comes to decision-making or solving complex problems. Cognitive intelligence can address these limitations by leveraging machine learning and other AI approaches.

Hence, not stopping with RPA, Sage IT assists businesses in taking one step ahead in the automation world by adopting cognitive intelligence. Its cognitive automation solution combines traditional automation with intelligence to help businesses work smarter and better.

For instance, a traditional decision-making on lending, credit cards, car loans or home mortgage would require credit teams to work with multiple teams, collate information from multiple sources, use a decision tree approach to understand risks, fraud and make the decision. However, Sage IT creates smart cognitive automation solutions to assist organizations in such situations.

  • “We can help evaluate your applications and recommend the processes that can be identified and define the ROI. Our Agile Accelerate framework can realize the ROI in 8 to 12 weeks,” says Aravind Kashyap, CEO of Sage IT Inc.

Focusing on Three Core Attributes

  • The growth of the company is attributed to three strong Go-To-Market offerings —digital modernization, cognitive automation, and customer interactions.
  • While its digital modernization program addresses data, systems and processes with integration modernization, data modernization, application modernization and infrastructure modernization, its cognitive automation services include automation advisory, BOT design, development, BOT security and DevOps, BOT management and intelligent BOT services. Moreover, its unified customer interaction services cover UI/UX design, development services, and front office transformation services with SFDC.
  • “Digital modernization has enabled our customers to react better to changing business need and help them crush cost, grow sales and transform for future. Better customer interactions have led us to better customer experience, which in turn has led to Customer advocacy and loyalty,” remarks Aravind.
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Maintaining Clients Satisfaction at the Forefront

Sage IT treats every single customer with utmost importance. Such customer-centric approach has helped the company to earn customer satisfaction.
Illustrating their experience with Sage IT, a Chief Transformation Officer of a large investment management firm says, “We were targeting 60% of automation due to the complex nature of the task involved, but we were able to achieve 95% of automation with Sage IT’s strong understanding of RPA technology.”

In the last 15 years, the company has helped many customers in building transaction processing systems, customizing e-commerce systems, integrating multiple data sources to create a single source of truth, developing advanced reporting solutions and testing mission-critical applications as they roll into production.

Today, Sage IT has over 50+ customers across various industries and its customers range from $100 million to very large $20 billion revenue size. “Our growth, to date, has been possible only by having a strong customer relationship and providing the best in customer satisfaction,” asserts Aravind.

Aims to Become the Partner of Choice for its Customer

Regarding the future, Aravind says “Our future roadmap is to look at Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 services that we will bring out in the next 6-18 month time frame. Some of this will be in the area of advanced analytics, quantum computing, distributed ledger systems, and computer vision system.”
Another major milestone that it seeks to achieve is that the company aims to be recognized as the partner of choice for its customers by bringing strategy, architecture, technology, and operations together and creating differentiated service for each and every customer.

Sage IT Inc - Press Release
Author: Michael Guillory