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Interaction experience has changed from “clicks” to using speech, touch and vision. We are doing things that seemed impossible few years back, be it robots doing operations in hospitals, drones delivering packages, self driving cars and emotional bots. The amount of data that these activities generate and the pace at which they generate is quite large. These systems depend on processing the images faster to make a conscious judgement and take corrective action. Images have a lot of detail that can be used to understand the nature of the image, context, objects etc., and draw inferences and conclusions.

Vision Processing

Why is Vision Processing gaining importance ?


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Vision API BOT Overview

Sage IT’s Vision API Bot Extracts Key information based on the image that is submitted, extracting rich information from images to categorize and process visual data. You can use this information to analyze the image and draw inferences and conclusions in your downstream applications.

  • Image recognition of Road Accidents, Traffic rules, Automobile Insurance, Automobile Sales and Service
  • Location based gaming
  •  Micro surgical procedures using image recognition
  • Quality and Price of products using image recognition. Biometrics and Image recognition for autonomous store sales
  • Drone images for security, facial recognition, pet monitoring, and home automation
  • Facial recognition, Automatic text technology, photo content extraction from tagged photos
  • Search through images and link to advertisement
  • Image recognition of city spots, tourism and provide customized recommendations at a glance
  • Image recognition of measuring construction progress before and after evacuation and construction

Technical Outcome

Community Quotes


Best bot in bot store. Very easy to integrate and designed will all best practices in mind

Technical Architect


Vision API helped us integrate to our Image Analytics Platform quickly

Automation Consultant


Helped us to build a quick poc to validate the Azure API functionality

AIML Consultant
Sage IT Inc