Business Process Automation Services

Business process automation is using technology to automate your business services or activities. It is a key component of digital transformation as it uses technology to improve service quality, delivery time and reduce operational costs. It helps you remove several manual steps in your operations in a bid to improve efficiency and speed.

Our business process automation solutions involve a combination of methods starting with identifying key processes. With our help, all your processes will still achieve their intended goals in a faster and accurate method. We also help you with tracking so you can monitor the processes in an established workflow so they’re working as they should

Benefits Of Business Process Automation

Here are some of the advantages of using our business process automation solution in your organization.

Audit Trail: In clear terms, you will be able to see who did what and when they did it. This is especially important in highly regulated organizations with strict security procedures like banks.

Combining Business Systems: Business process automation helps integrate disparate systems into one to remove the need to move from one application interface to the other, helping shorten the time and make business processes more efficient.

Accelerate Document Sharing: Automation can help reduce the time needed to capture, digitize and route documents from different locations.

Process Visibility: Everything that happens in each key process becomes clearer with the help of automation in gathering data and the ability to view it on dashboards. This information can give valuable insights that help make better decision making.

Organize Work: Your employees will be able to organize their work better with queues, eliminating the time to search or wait for processing.

Our Capabilities In BPA

Some of the capabilities of our business process automation services include developing automated technologies for the following processes:

  • Employee on-boarding
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Invoice Processing
  • Social Media Management
  • Processing leave applications
  • Customer Support
  • CRM/Sales Processes
  • Handling purchase orders
  • Expense Tracking

How does It Work?

.Our business process solutions get triggered by events that could be as simple as filing an expense report. Our workflow steps after the event trigger our process include:

Identify: Our first step involves detecting the right process components before segregating and removing redundancy

Simplify: We then break down the processes into easy-to-understand steps we can easily repeat and automate.

Standardize: Our systems define the automation technology for each of the simplified processes and replace the manual processes with it.

Implement: After appropriate testing, we integrate the developed technologies with your systems and start the automation.

Continuous Improvement: We optimize our solutions by making it intuitive so it adjusts based on feedback. We periodically upgrade and improve the systems in place for better efficiency

BPA Services We Offer

Some of the business process automation services we offer to our customers include:

Managing and supporting Robotic Process Automation systems

Mapping our workflows

Integrating with on-premises infrastructure

Using and implementing tested and current-edge technologies

Identifying the vulnerabilities and needs of workflows

Formulating template designs and blueprints to optimize workflows

On-site deployment and project management

Challenges We Solve

Some of the problems we use our business process automation technologies to solve include:

  • Paper driven processes that take a lot of time
  • Mail clutter that takes away time from employees
  • Human errors from the use of manual systems
  • Difficulties adhering to regulations and compliance
  • Integration difficulties with legacy systems and newer applications
  • Manual compilation and reporting takes up a lot of time
  • Less than efficient customer service
  • Inadequate resources to support company growth
  • File Transfers taking up too much time
  • Time wasted waiting for approvals
  • Complex onboarding and offboarding processes

Technologies We Work With

Business process automation software is used for operations management, process compliance, customer service, and task management across several departments in an organization. Many of these tools or services typically have all of these capabilities in one and one of the most popular tools used for it is ProcessHub available on Office365.

ProcessHub has an impressive UI that shows users all the relevant processes with an intuitive and modern view. You can use it to simplify many complex business processes, reduce time spent on operations and improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

Why BPA Solutions With Us?

  • Committed to continuing innovating for our customers
  • Flexible payment methods to help you plan better
  • We keep up with the best standards and always deploy the best processes
  • Several years of experience in delivering solutions that cater to your needs
  • Constant monitoring and support for our services

Our business process automation solutions identify the process in your organization that would most benefit from automation. We develop cutting-edge technologies to help you automate those processes and monitor performance.


1. What are the advantages of Business Process Automation?

Some of the advantages of our business process automation system for organizations are:

  • Ability to scale and adapt systems and operations as businesses grow
  • Customize and design the system to fit your business processes
  • Stay compliant with your standard operating procedures
  • Determine business and escalation rules graphically
  • Access identity bottlenecks and performance with custom dashboards and reports
  • Already pre-configured processes that address the unique needs of your organization

2. Who can automate their business processes?

Automating business processes is beneficial for every organization and the needs will typically vary as it can help improve in every field. However, the business systems where business automation would stand out most is in:

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Trading Industries
  • Insurance Industries
  • Financial Industries
  • Content Management Industries
  • Facilities Industries
  • SAAS Applications

3. What are the important reasons to automate?

Some important reasons why you need to automate include:

  • Helps give employees more time to focus on tasks that require human intelligence and intervention
  • Easy transition from slow, cumbersome paperwork to a seamless smooth digital system
  • Use digital technologies to remove manual elements from repetitive tasks and minimize errors
  • Integrate data from all sources to a secure central location for easy accessibility
  • Change processes fast in response to market trends

4. How to build an automated process?

You can build an automated process for your organization by first identifying the essential tasks that are taking up the most time or are most prone to errors. You make sure that they align with your business goals and select appropriate tools for automating those tasks.

5. How does Business Process Automation flow work?

Business automation flow works include Identification, simplifying, selecting tools, the implementation then monitoring and measuring.

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