Business Process Management Services

Processes are important to helping companies achieve their business strategy by combining technology, resources, and other supporting structures to get a competitive advantage. We can help you reach achieve your desired business outcomes with our business process management services.

Our services include a wholesome management system and methodology that caters to end-to-end process visibility, understanding, and control with effective communication in your organization. In the end, BPM is the combination of processes, people, and technology for more efficient results.

However, the definition of business process management could mean different things to people and businesses. It could be about technology, optimization, or communication – whatever it means for you and your organization, we've got you covered.

Benefits Of Business Process Management:

Some key advantages of business process management include:

Better Efficiency
All companies want to improve the functionality of their business processes to make them smoother and more efficient. Our business process management solutions will identify the inefficiencies in your processes and remove them to prevent slowdowns.

Smooth Business Knowledge Transfer
In time, a company’s workforce will inevitably evolve. Some people will leave and others will join. This has made it important to transfer business knowledge as you operate so you don’t rely on particular employees for processes. We can help you achieve this for smoother business continuity.

Enhanced Business Agility
There are many inevitable changes when running an organization which could include technology advancements, competitors, or new regulations. Your ability to react to these changes will determine how competitive your organization is and how long it remains in operation. Our business process management services will give you the much-needed ability and skills to meet changing demands.

Adherence to Security and Compliance
Non-compliance with rules and regulations can lead to many costly fines that may also interrupt your business operations. Implementing BPM in your organization fosters an organization that is aware of the constantly changing regulations and prevents any theft or fraud.

Sage IT Capabilities In BPM

Our capabilities in BPM include the following:

Enable Smoother Communication

There are more methods of communication today than ever which can get confusing fast and this could constitute a problem in time. Many times, these channels aren’t safe especially social media channels which aren’t ideal for organizations. We can help businesses restrict work communication to one channel for easier business processes.

Give You a Better Vision of Your Business

Employees understanding the vision of their business is necessary for the survival of the organization. Implementing business process management tools to your company will keep your employees aware of the company goals and vision, making it easy to work towards.

Roadmap for Changes in the Market

As the business environment evolves and changes in the market increase, you will also need to adapt to those changes and meet your consumer’s needs. We help develop strategies for doing that in your organization.

How does It Work?

There are three main ways our business process management system can help your organization:

Horizontal: This is a broad approach that affects all aspects of your organization with BPM software solutions.

Vertical: We use pre-established templates that help meet specific targets.

Full Service: This involves all of the main aspects of BPM.

Our full business process management steps are as follows:

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization

BPM Services We Offer

We offer a wide array of business process management services including:

Vendor selection and Software Analysis

Accounting and Finance Solutions

Customer Acquisition

Business Process Improvement and Transformation

Insurance Process Management

Process Excellence Organizational Enablement

Healthcare Process Management

Business Process Management Services Support and Enablement

Research and Analysis

Challenges We Solve

Some of the challenges we aim to solve for business users include:

  • The increased cost as a result of poor processes
  • Poor innovation that cannot keep up with business changes
  • Difficulty getting metrics for insights
  • Challenges keeping up with service level agreements

Technologies We Work With

Some of the technologies we use for process improvement of your business process include:

  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Workflows
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Advanced analytic software
  • Machine Learning/Artificial intelligence

Why BPM Solutions With Us?

  • Can deliver insights across several technologies and systems
  • We use a mix of national and local resources to give the best possible results.
  • We concentrate on delivering a mix of IT and business solutions
  • A flexible pricing model that can fit your organization
  • Tested and Trusted implementation method that ensures the smooth business transition to BPM

Remove slowdowns, hitches, and roadblocks on your business’ path to success. Optimize your processes to focus on the most important ones and get more returns on efforts.


1. Why does business process management matter to SMEs?

SMEs can implement business process management at the early parts of their business before it expands and becomes more complicated to handle. Using BPM will guide SMEs on the right path and it will be a natural process as their business expands.

2. How does Business Process Management (BPM) enable businesses?

Businesses grow over years and with that comes expansion with several processes running at once. Automation also grows as the business grows which leads to some technical debt. Business process management keeps your productivity up by making your business restructure processes that favor a long-term strategy.

3. What are the popular Business Process Management technologies?

There are many tools that businesses can use for business process management that will work just as well as any other. However, any of the popular vendors in the fields listed above with the technologies we use are great options

4. What is the difference between Business Process Management and Automation?

Business process management aims at streamlining operations and processes for better business efficiency, productivity, and agility. Business automation is a necessary component of achieving business process management.  To successfully deploy business process management processes, many times automation technologies are used.

5. Does Business Process Management involve Cloud operations?

Cloud is one of the excellent options that can help in the restructuring and remodeling of processes while optimizing business processes. The main advantage cloud gives is giving access anytime and anywhere to these business applications and processes. It removes the requirements of needing costly licenses for users’ machines because the cloud uses a pay-as-you-go model.

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