Test Automation Services

You would typically hear test automation in work that involves quality assurance software or software development process. It consists of using automation tools to carry out pre-scripted tests to see if an application performs as it should after implementing changes. Test automation is a relatively new process that constantly evolves and improves as more tools and techniques support it.

Test automation services encompass a wide range of testing activities across planning, tool selection, construction, and maintenance of test automation environments. It also involves implementing automated test data preparation, complete design, and maintenance of automated test scripts. Because of the lack of knowledge in these areas, we offer full-range test automation services for all types of clients and customers.

Sage IT offers an impressive line-up of test automation services and products. Check out our automated testing services below and see why you need them in your organization.

Benefits Of Test Automation

Some of the benefits of using our Test Automation services include:

Faster feedback Cycles
Getting feedback on new features will take some time if you’re running on a system without automation testing services. This is because the product will often have to get to the end-user, and after they test it, you can then know the features that require changes. Test automation helps you detect problems far earlier in the development phase and correct them before releasing them.

Lower Business Costs

An automated testing environment will cost lesser money for your organization as it uses far fewer resources for testing products. This removes any need for manual testing methods that take up a lot of time and costs. The only significant prices for an automated test environment are for the initial setup and time.

Improved Insights

During your testing, some tests may fail; this is an area where test automation is significantly better than manual testing methods. With automated testing it is possible to continuously verify the functionality and architecture of the system under development and ensure its integrity.

Sage IT Capabilities In Test Automation

Our extensive capabilities in Test Automation include:

  • Framework Implementation
  • ROI Analysis and Assessments
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Tool Evaluation and Recommendations
  • AI-Powered Testing
  • Selenium Testing
  • Scripting and Execution

Our Test Automation Process

We follow the following approach for all our Test Automation projects:

  • Assessing the automation needs and application landscape
  • Evaluate the existing automation solution in the organization
  • Selecting the appropriate tools to use for solution and proof of concept
  • Implementing the testing solution
  • Development of automated test scripts and execution
  • Creating regression test suites and giving them flexible execution options
  • Training and handing over the automation frameworks to the client for use

Test Automation Services We Offer

We offer the following services as part of our test automation

Strategy Development

We consider many factors, including software requirements, QA, development, and deployment processes, to build a comprehensive test automation strategy for your organization. The test automation strategy will include automation scope, testing levels, test data preparation, and design and aligning test automation strategy to business strategies.

Test Environment SetupSetup and Configuration

We prepare a unique test environment to run your test cases for all the needed platforms, devices, and browsers.

Automated Test Data Collection

We set up systems to prepare structured, and comprehensive data input from all the automatic and manual tests run.

Performance Testing

We handle the planning and design for many test cases, developing and maintaining scripts for automated performance tests for all application layers and supporting systems.

API Testing

The importance of APIs cannot be overstated, and they must work as designed. We design test cases for APIs in different scenarios.

Challenges We Solve

Our test automation solutions are for you if you have the following challenges

The high quality testing cost

Long test execution time with manual methods

Slow-release cycles

No knowledge about the best test automation tools for your infrastructure

No metrics or data from test procedures

No expertise in automating regression tests

Test Automation Tools We Work With

Some of the tools we work with include:

  • Test Architect
  • Kobiton
  • Subject7
  • TestProject
  • TestComplete
  • QA Wolf
  • ZeuZ
  • Eggplant
  • LambdaTest
  • AvoAssure

Why Test Automation Services With Us?

  • Developed a tested and trusted in house testing services
  • Certified with all the security and quality management metrics
  • Several years of experience in software testing and automation
  • Experts with several years of experience in many industries
  • Flexible payment options
  • Quick service and delivery of results

Our test automation solutions effectively solve all your slow development or release cycles problems and put you in a better position to respond to the changing customer demands. Throughout our testing automation, we ensure your quality remains the same through all the phases.


1. Why does your business need automation testing services?

Your business needs test automation services because it helps it achieve:

  • Accelerated results
  • Faster feedback
  • Faster time to market
  • Better Test Coverage
  • Detection of defects before release
  • Reusability of automated tests
  • Thorough testing methods

Information security

2. How do we approach unique test automation for you?

We deliver unique solutions for all of our customers, and we do that by:

  • Assessing current processes and reviewing present IT infrastructure
  • Planning a test automation project and preparing SLAs
  • Design and setup automation process and automation tools that meets the infrastructure need
  • Adjust automation plan and pass it along to your team
  • Prepare the test environment
  • Design test cases and see how it performs
  • Evaluate results and make reports
  • Continue making improvements to the test automation process as need be

3. How our Automation Testing Service can help your business?

Our test automation processes can help your business by:

  • Reducing costs from manual testing
  • Delivering key insights to make decisions
  • Use more advanced features for better accuracy
  • Remove occurrences of human error
  • Reduce the strain on your QA team

4. How much Will Test Automation Cost?

It is not possible to state a flat rate for test automation as it typically depends on several factors including:

  • Test automation coverage
  • Type of test automation
  • The complexity of the custom testing tool
  • The complexity of an automated test suite for development and maintenance
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