TIBCO Cloud Modernization with TibTrak™

TIBCO Cloud Modernization with TibTrak™

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
Sage IT - Tibco Cloud Modernization TIB TRAK

TIBCO Cloud Modernization with TibTrak™

By 2021, around 94% of all workloads will be processed in cloud data centers. There may be several reasons for you to modernize and migrate to the cloud. However, numerous challenges limit enterprises from becoming cloud-ready. Sage IT’s innovative accelerator TibTrak™, helps you commence your journey to the cloud. 

TibTrak™ Scanner assesses the migration readiness and helps determine the complexity, time and cost.

TibTrak™  DevKit helps automatically migrate from TIBCO BW 5.X to TIBCO BW 6.X/CE.

Email us for a DEMO: marketing@sageitinc.com Visit our TIBCO Services Page – https://sageitinc.com/tibco-services/

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Author: Michael Guillory
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