Top 10 bold predictions for 2021 and beyond

Top 10 bold predictions for 2021 and beyond

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
Top 10 bold predictions for 2021 and beyond

As we start the year 2021, here are our top 10 bold predictions that will drive the success of  organizations.

  1. Merging of AI and Innovation.  AI will become the backbone of Innovation and this hyperconvergence will generate an acceleration of new services, products, and businesses. Organizations that bring these two aspects together will be able to differentiate in the marketplace.
  2. Pervasive “As-a-service model” as the new norm. We predict 3 out of 4 organizations will start bringing out as-a-service model because of increased adoption of product and platform engineering.  All the effort put in the last few years will culminate into As-a-Service model.
  3. Scale, Speed and Service at every single touchpoint.  Scale and Speed will be the yardsticks of the past.They alone will not be able to help organizations thrive. We predict that Scale, Speed and Service have to come together. Service excellence at every single touchpoint with Scale and Speed will help organizations create a leadership position.
  4. Emergence of Borderless economy and business.  Every single product and service will dispense cross border availability. Organizations will adopt and invest increasingly on flexible global shipping systems to ensure that the customers get what they want, when they want and where they want.
  5. Truth in front of Trust and transparency. Trust and Transparency alone will not be enough in the future.  Transparency brings the openness in doing business, Trust brings an honest way to communicate and establish a connection (a bonding), while Truth will add the 3rd dimension in dealing with the situation. Trust, Transparency and Truth; all three will help organizations establish the right customer relationship and advocacy.
  6. Smartivity™ as the new measure of labor.  Productivity will not be any more, the future of measuring labor effectiveness. We predict that 2021 will see the emergence of Smartness indicator “Smartivity™,” which will ensure that the work is done better, faster, cheaper consistently. Human resource teams will start indicating Smartivity™ as the future measure of labor effectiveness.
  7. Flexible and broad skills shift team talents. Breadth in skills will become more important than the depth. Flexible skill adoption will give way to Uber specialization. Organizations will start looking for people who can adopt faster and better in different roles and different positions.
  8. Everyday life with Virtual reality and Augmented reality.  We predict that these two technologies will find ways of entering our daily lives and will change the way we buy, use, and consume services and products in the future.
  9. Rise of On-demand talent sourcing.  We predict that there will be gradual reduction in outsourcing of services.  Organizations will move aggressively towards on-demand sourcing of talent as opposed to outsourcing completely.
  10. Zero Budgeting becomes the new budgeting norm.  One of the more dramatic moves that we will start seeing with organizations is the adoption of ZERO Budgeting in every single function.  The amount of flexibility that the organizations get because of zero budgeting will outweigh the change and discipline that this required.

Aravind Kashyap
Chief Executive Officer at Sage IT Inc.

Author: Michael Guillory
Sage IT Inc