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Congratulations! Sage IT scholarship winner 2022-23!

Karl Spengler Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College

Sage IT Scholarship Winner 2023

Are You Ready to Win a

$1,000 Scholarship?

Sage IT, a leader in digital business transformation and optimization, is offering the university students a scholarship opportunity of $1,000 as we believe you deserve assistance as you wade through your exciting decision to invest in your future. The challenge-to-win is an article writing contest on “Innovative thinking on application of technologies” and the winner gets a scholarship of USD 1,000 on the International Day of Education in 2023.

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Due to the fabulous response, we have decided to hold this scholarship quarterly. So join us in making the next edition an even bigger success and stand the chance to win $1000 in April 2023.

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Submission Deadline


5th January 2023

Announcement Date


24th January 2023

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Know Your Eligibility


This scholarship can be availed by all US citizens and legal residents, who are older than 19 years and below 30 years

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All regular and part-time college students are also eligible to take part in this contest

Sage IT Students
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The participating student must be enrolled in a recognized College/University functioning in the United States of America

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Topic Options for Submission


You may write an article on any progressive technology that will make a difference in our daily lives or businesses and help achieve sustainable goals of the future like Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Decentralized finance, Virtual Reality, Blockchain (non-crypto currencies), Composable Applications EDGE Computing, Industrial IOT 4.0, Applications of 5G/6G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, generative AI, ethical AI, Human-Machine collaboration, digital humans, future of workforce, future of education, future of supply-chain, future of banking, future of retail, future of e-commerce etc. “Innovative thinking on application of technologies.” You may also consider writing an article on

  • How integrating applications, data, and processes will transform the business landscape?
  • How Hyperautomation will transform the world?
  • How providing 360-degree visibility into organizations’ data in real/near real-time enables effective business decision making?

Experts on the elite panel of the Forbes Technology and Business Councils will identify and select the best article submissions.

  • There are also a few additional aspects that will be considered for the article submissions.
  • The content must be engaging with an original thought process and with a good understanding of technology and real-life applicability of use cases
  • The quality of article submitted will also be considered. Including the writing style, grammatical accuracy, and storytelling

The winner of the contest will be announced on the International Day of Education i.e., January 24, 2023. The winner will receive a scholarship of USD 1000 from Sage IT.

Guidelines for Submission


The article must be submitted in a word .doc format. It should have about 1000 – 1500 words

The article or excerpts must be unpublished in any other journal. Also, the article should be free of any plagiarism. Plagiarized articles will be automatically disqualified


Articles must be submitted on or before January 5, 2023. No article submissions will be considered later than the said date whatsoever.

Qualifying Articles


Only one article per individual will be accepted


The articles should contain all the details of the participating student like, first and last name, email, mobile, date of birth, name of the university, and the area of study, postal address, city, state, zip and country sent from the email ID of the student that is participating in the scholarship. It is assumed that the student accepts the privacy policy of


The file name should be in the following format.
(Title)_ (First Name)_(Last Name)_(University Name)


In case, if you are e-mailing the article, the body of the mail should contain your details’

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • City
  • State
  • College/University Name where you are currently enrolled into
  • Area of Study

In case the article does not qualify any of the above requirements, the entry is subject to elimination without further consideration.

Sage IT $1,000 Scholarship Entries closed

Why are we doing this?


At Sage IT, we focus on creating business value for our customers and the society by delivering sustainable business outcomes with technology as an enabler. Technology is advancing with every passing day. We’re living in the era of possibilities. Whenever there is an international conversation, there are different ethical and societal questions that come to the forefront which have to be addressed by the industry.

Sage IT provides equal opportunity for employment and education. We not only help making a better world with better opportunities but also assist the best talent to enter the field. As a responsible leader in the technology world, we believe in nurturing talent at the grass-root levels and providing a platform to think, innovate and express possibilities and contemplate beyond normal to solve problems. Afterall, an idea can change the world!

This article writing contest could be a small role that we play in the expansion and nurturing of the education sector. We are also not aware of how the world would be in the future. So, with growing challenges and the transformation that the world is witnessing, we would like to make the students prepare for the future.

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Who are we?


Sage IT is a premier global provider of innovative IT services and solutions. At Sage IT, we help organizations to grow business, improve user experience, increase profitability and gain competitive edge using our propriety 2i2 framework and expertise in Pervasive Integration, Intelligent Automation and Insights 360.

Founded in 2003, Sage IT has a well-established global delivery model armed with proven tools, methodologies, and skilled human capital.

We help companies:

  • Grow business and market share

– By introducing new products/services faster and developing new revenue channels

  • Boost efficiency & increasing profitability

– By applying automation across business and IT systems

  • Transform the customer experience

-By delivering a seamless multichannel experience across the enterprise

  • Gain a competitive advantage

– By providing 360o data insights for effective decision making

Our proprietary 2i2 framework is the foundation on “how” Sage ITians approach problem statements to design, develop, and deliver sustainable business values.

Our philosophy in work is “Customer First, Knowledge First, Value First”.

Do visit our
about us page to learn more.

Submission Deadline


5th January 2023

Announcement Date


24th January 2023

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Common Questions

How are the winners selected?2022-06-27T13:43:09+00:00

Sage IT has an elite panel of moderators who are responsible for the review of all the submissions. Then, they select a winner by vote.

How will the scholarship be paid out?2022-06-27T13:42:40+00:00

We will pay directly for the college programme selected by you.

Is it a one-time amount, or will it repeat every semester?2022-06-27T13:42:21+00:00

It is a one-time amount and whoever wins will get a total of $1000 which will directly go to the school where the winner has enrolled or will enrol in the future.

Who can I address for additional queries?2022-06-27T13:41:56+00:00

If you need answers to your queries you can inquire at

Privacy Policy

By applying here, you are giving Sage IT permission to contact your college/university to discuss in detail your selected program and then on your behalf pay USD 1000 into your institution, should you be the winner of the contest.

The winner of the scholarship will have to share their university photo-id and requested information with a short feedback of their experience of participating in this contest.

NOTE: All conclusions for the contest are exclusively carried out at the circumspection of Sage IT and are not subjected to any appeal or review. Sage IT is solely in control of suspending, cancelling or pausing the contest at any time without having to provide any reason for such decisions whatsoever.

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