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Organizations and leaders understand the value of investing in technology, and yet making the right technology choices are getting difficult. With the ubiquitous nature of cloud, even the decision of selecting the right architecture can involve multiple variables. No sooner than one technology being adopted, organizations have to get ready to embrace another. Taking a data-first and cloud-first approach can get them ready to innovate faster.

Gaining more from interactions

The interactions between human notwithstanding, the data that passes between machines on a daily basis is astounding too. With infrastructure conducive to make the most if it, data can be analysed contextually, enabling real-time decisions. With conversational AI redefining human-to-digital interactions, virtual agents need robust infrastructure that can provide data using which responses can be formed. AI and machine learning can convert unstructured information into valuable information.

Enabling a modular way of working

Low or no code platforms notwithstanding, the way software applications are written has changed drastically. Research estimates that an average software application contains more than 75% of the code found on open-source software libraries. An infrastructure that simplifies the assembling and integrating of such solutions while customizing them to suit the security and user needs and maintaining them, can be huge burden – which can be largely alleviated by shifting workloads to the cloud.

Reinforcing the fences and the foundation

With the explosion of data, the increase in attacks to harvest it is inevitable. The fact that initial stages of pandemic saw a 485% increase in ransomware attacks in the US, shows how pervasive these can be. Investing in an enterprise-wide security system can add extra robustness and resilience Rethinking protection zones for data and training AI to understand behaviors of key actors, can also provide good results. However, it is the human interactions like clicking on a link or leaving passwords unprotected, that are responsible for most breaches – and continued education on the same is essential.

Right Talent @ Right Time

Digital Transformation of any form requires the right talent with right skillsets. It requires the right set of people who can work together with the technology, people and processes to bring about this change. Gartner therefore says “In today’s ever-changing and always challenging talent market, it is essential for organizations to take a data-driven approach to evaluating both current and future skills needs.”


The speed at which digital transformation is taking hold in the Silicon Age can not only be attributed to the change forced by the global pandemic, but also to an increased awareness about the benefits of adopting technology in various industries. Technology continues to be the primary impetus to change in the world. Learn about the rest of the trends in technology in our Trendsbook 2023 called OrganizationNXT.

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