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Leverage our partnership with TIBCO to transform all aspects of your enterprise. Our experts in TIBCO solutions help you achieve your business goals with optimal performance.


TIBCO Connected Intelligence

TIBCO services


Create a strong foundation for digital innovation in your business. Use TIBCO technologies to strive towards a modern and data-centric enterprise for the better. The key to making this possible is data, and in our world today, it has become the key transformative energy for modern enterprises. When organizations leverage the power of data they have, it encourages innovation, collaboration, analytics for all, and growth.

Sage IT has been a Gold Partner and Innovation Partner with TIBCO capable of delivering Connected Intelligence. With our services, you can enjoy the benefits of real-time data for making faster and smarter business decisions. We have successfully deployed similar services for over 100 customers.

across several services in TIBCO products and portfolio.

Use TIBCO Connected Intelligence services to:

  • Connect seamless across applications, data sources, and devices.
  • Unify seamlessly and intelligently for superior trust, access, and control.
  • Predict easily with real-time logical data warehouse and data-driven intelligence.

Service Portfolio

Our TIBCO Services

assessment and consulting

Assessment & Consulting

Our service uses a multipronged approach to help design product/technology road maps, infrastructure reviews, health checks, and training. All these services help us in recommending the most suitable practices for your organization to achieve intended business outcomes.

cloud data migration

Cloud Data Migration Services

We assist organizations to easily move data between business systems using intuitive low-code tooling. We accelerate the migration of large data sets with tools to increase record throughput. Our expertise in data architecture will help optimize your business by restructuring the data warehouse.

TIBCO solutions for B2B

B2B Services

We help foster better digital transformation processes, predictive analysis and analytics solutions in many industry verticals. We use TIBCO Solutions to help gather better insights and automate B2B transactions.

Solution Accelerators & Frameworks

Solution Accelerators & Frameworks

We maximize your ROI by using the TIBCO platform with frameworks and accelerators and scale it so these solutions can affect your entire organization. Our frameworks and accelerators allow you quickly develop applications with trusted components cutting downtime in the development phase.


Why Choose Us?

200+ Senior TIBCO Consultants
Investments in Continuous Training
15+ years’ association with TIBCO
Solution accelerators and frameworks for TIBCO
No Cost Resources Deployment, Pre-Sales support for new Engagement, POC for Pre / Post Sales
TIBCO gold partner
Why Bother Hiring a Specialized Team for Handling TIBCO. Think TIBCO, Think Sage IT.

If you use TIBCO services in your organization and you’ve been having challenges navigating your way through, look no further. There is no need to hire an in-house specialized team as Sage IT has all the expertise you’re looking for. We are TIBCO partners and have experts in the field that will give you more value for your money.

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