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Accelerate your business clockspeeds with exceptional talent

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Sage IT’s Comprehensive Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions stands as the keystone to unlocking your workforce’s full potential. Diving into the digital talent market’s pulse, we redefine Talent Solutions for organizational excellence. From Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to strategic Leadership Hiring, our services resonate with the rhythm of the evolving digital landscape. Embracing diversity and inclusion, we offer specialized services catering to Women, Specially-abled individuals, and the LGBTQ+ community. Our Skill Train Deploy initiatives ensure a workforce adept in contemporary skills, ready for the challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape. Sage IT stands as your partner in sculpting a talent strategy attuned to your organization’s distinct goals and values, where Talent Solutions paves the way for accelerating your business clock speeds with exceptional talent.

Sage IT’s comprehensive Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions

Skill Train Deploy

Skill Train Deploy

  • Corporate training
  • Hire-Train-Deploy
  • Ready – to – Deploy

Talent Solutions

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Talent Solutions

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Accelerating your business clockspeeds with Talent Solutions

The Sage IT Talent Solutions Advantage

1200+ positions filled in past 12 months

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  • 20+ years of experience in the staffing industry

  • Proven track record of successfully executing staffing/RPO/RTD assignments​

  • Expertise in fulfilling contracting, permanent, contract to hire, and project resource needs​

  • Strategic Alliances with world-class digital partners

  • Bandwidth and experience to manage on-boarding of 500+ candidates per quarter​

  • Global presence and talent to provide 24×7 delivery & support

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  • NMSDC Certified Company

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