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Want to Control Escalating Cloud Spend?

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loud cost optimization
loud cost optimization

Two of the biggest real time outcomes of a successful FinOps strategy are cloud cost optimization which helps in identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, using reserved instances for better value, and right sizing computing services to scale and cloud cost reduction which brings down the net cloud spend and gives better returns than before.

Enterprises are assessing their cloud investments to optimize their cloud spend. Are you looking to bring financial accountability to your cloud spend?

  • Track and forecast cloud spend based on KPI’s at each business unit level

  • Maximize your use of reserved instance pricing

  • Allocate your per unit cost together with dedicated resources and understand your gross margin for each business unit

At Sage IT, we have helped companies solve these problems through our proprietary methodologies and frameworks. For a large telco, within a matter of a few weeks we delivered a solution to provide budget vs actuals true up, allocation and accurate budgeting, forecasting and advanced reporting, and reduction in spend by maximizing reserved instance usage.

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