Salesforce Managed Services

Amplify ROI on your Salesforce investment

Sage IT’s Strategic Managed Services for Salesforce is an end-to-end solution based on your organization’s Salesforce infrastructure and the other entities interacting with Salesforce. We understand that organizations have unique needs, and they select Salesforce based on what caters best to their needs. Be it commerce cloud, sales cloud, service cloud and the partner eco system that blends into the infrastructure, Sage IT customizes our managed service offerings based on the customer needs.

We also look at it from the point of service offerings – Implementation, upgrades, keep-the-lights-on maintenance, or a combination – we have the skill set, process maturity and people to bring the right mix of service portfolio to manage customer needs.

Sage IT offers resource continuity, flexible capacity planning, composable enterprise, data insights and customer 360 and a diverse skill set for the entire Salesforce stack, including API-based and middleware integrations to other systems.

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Benefit from our Salesforce Managed Services

Anytime Scalability

When an organization expands its business, its vision, and goals also change to evolve to meet the market needs. With the managed service package, organizations do not need to re-open the job search for a new position. They can just update the contract with the existing  Salesforce Service operator  for a seamless maintenance, upgrade, and other process. Besides, the presence of an efficient expert team ensures the consequent growth of business. This high scalability helps businesses to make regular as per the requirements. Similarly, an organization can customize contract hours as per need to improve business efficiency.


Proactive Innovative Solution

Most of the companies have no definite idea about how to manage critical system procedures, so it was always a risk to manage business. Additionally, companies ceased innovation initiatives to boost efficiency. With Sage IT Salesforce Managed Services, businesses can prevent technical investments by providing best practices and boost operational efficiency. It not only solves the configuration issues but also improves processes by offering forward-looking ideas to prepare for critical scenarios. It also identifies the products that demand more attention before their release.

Continuous Change Management

Business needs are constantly changing with respect to better customer experience and having a customer 360 view. Fortunately, Sage IT’s Salesforce Managed services  assure the companies about the customizations and updates. Each and every task is handled swiftly, and major changes are addressed immediately. This way the system and the implementation will remain updated.

Continuous Change Management

Operating Cost Reduction

For every business cost-optimization is the primary requirement to succeed in their respective sector without compromising the quality.  Hiring an expert and experienced Salesforce consultant puts financial burden on the company. Moreover, adding the cost of recruiting, retention and onboarding elevates the total cost of ownership. With the help of Sage IT’s Salesforce Managed Services, organizations can manage their business cost without thinking of additional expenses.

Ready and Experienced Talent

Companies across the globe have stated that it becomes very challenging to find a suitable talent that will fit the business requirements at the right price. To solve these issues, a single solution in the form of Sage IT’s Salesforce Managed Services helps organizations attract talent at the right time and at the right price. The given services are flexible enough to provide the right resources at affordable costs that will meet the requirements most efficiently.

Ready and Experienced Talent
Amplify ROI on your Salesforce investment

No matter if it is a small startup or a big enterprise, the ideal way to increase the return on investment in Salesforce is by focusing on the managed service as it scales the needs by providing a wonderful insight into the best practices, processes, tools and accelerators to serve the business needs.

At Sage IT (a Salesforce Consulting Company ), Salesforce experts have been proving managed services assistance to scores of customers. Please feel free to take a free consultation call and let us know your business needs.

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