Automation NEXT™ – Maximizing ROI from investments in Intelligent Automation

Webinar        – Automation NEXT™ – Maximizing ROI from investments in Intelligent Automation
Day & Date   – Wednesday, August 23rd 2023
Time              – 11:00 am to 12:00 pm CT
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AI has brought the debate surrounding the impact of next-generation technologies on enterprises directly into boardrooms. Core ingredients of enterprise value such as business applications and data can deliver significantly more value if advanced through cloud, intelligent automation, microservices, and AI. While the widespread use of AI is inevitable, the promise of intelligent automation is far from realized in the enterprises. Join us on August 23rd, along with EVEREST GROUP, AUTOMATION ANYWHERE, and OIL-DRI Corporation of America, a Sage IT customer who will share the knowledge, real-life experiences, and strategies necessary to unleash the full potential of Intelligent Automation and drive exceptional ROI.

By attending this webinar, business leaders, automation and IT professionals will gain valuable insights into crafting a robust Intelligent Automation strategy and maximizing ROI through a mix of business casing, playbook creation and peer learning.

Key elements of the webinar:

  1. Trends and expert opinion from Everest Group
  2. Business case for intelligent automation
  3. Overcoming barriers for ROI realization
  4. Making it Real: Practitioner’s perspectives from an Intelligent Automation customer of Sage IT

Join us to discover the untapped potential of automation in driving business growth and success

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Partner, Everest Group
Director, Application Delivery, Oil-Dri Corporation of America
Automation Practice Lead, Sage IT
Vice President & General Manager, Process Discovery, Automation Anywhere

Reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Automation Webinar 2023
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