Make your enterprise “Cloud Ready” with TibTrak™ Cloud Migration Accelerator

Make your enterprise “Cloud Ready” with TibTrak™ Cloud Migration Accelerator

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71% of enterprises trust the cloud when It comes to speed improvements

Business needs faster cycle-time from IT today. There may be several reasons for you to modernize and migrate to cloud. While
a lot of organizations have discovered it by now, many of them are in the process of finding out their reason for modernization.
Few may look for business agility and faster time to markets, while many may want to allow their organization to be cloud ready
for addressing future business needs and increasing revenue streams to support new business models.

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87% of respondent employers are intending to hasten their migration to the cloud due to COVID-19

However, numerous complex challenges limit the enterprises from commencing their journey to the cloud. Questions like
assessment of migration readiness, investments, complications in migration, assessing the time and effort, and evaluation of
environment complexity are always at the back of mind.

Sage IT’s innovative and differentiated cloud migration accelerator TibTrak™, helps commence your journey to the cloud.

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TibTrak™ Scanner

Assess migration readiness
Helps determine the complexity, time and cost

TibTrak™ Migration DevKit

Automation from BW 5.x to BW 6.x/CE

TibTrak™ Scanner assesses the migration readiness and helps determine the complexity, time, and cost. The migration readiness assessment report captures the business process inventory, percentage migration ready, percentage re-work
expected and time estimation for migration.

Migration Readiness Assessment Report

  • Business Process Inventory

  • % Rework expectation

  • % Migration ready

  • Time estimation


  • BW 5.x projects will be scanned from the source code

  • Assets are extracted and evaluated for migration readiness

  • Migration report is generated and shared

  • Technical teams are interviewed

  • Collaborated Assessment and review

  • Detailed Delivery Plan with Time, Cost, Phases and Deliverables


  • MODERNIZE the Integration Ecosystem with containerization

  • Cost and Time TRANSPARENCY and detailed execution plan


  • Foundation to MICROSERVICES Architecture

  • Leads to CLOUD Integrations

  • Unlocking the DATA SILOS

While the TibTrak™ Migration DevKit helps automatically migrate from TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.X to TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.X or
the Container Edition, helping automate the migration process with minimum manual intervention, and significant reduction in
modernizing the implementation landscape and the development effort.

With vast experience of over 64 Cloud Developments and Migrations and over 732 data migrations and optimization projects,
Sage IT can be your partner for Faster, Better and Cheaper modernization efforts.

Cloud Migrations and Cloud Developments
Integration Interfaces Developed and Deployed
Database Migrations and Optimizations

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