Business Process Automation Services

Redefine the core of your business with sustained growth, innovation, and cost savings through our Business Process Automation (BPA) services. Align your people, process, and technology with your digital transformation initiatives, propelling your business toward unparalleled productivity & profitability.

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Go beyond conventional business models with Business Process Automation (RPA) Solutions by partnering with us.

The pursuit of efficiency and a competitive edge has never been more critical in the business landscape. To stay ahead in the marketplace, organizations must adopt Business Process Automation Solutions- a catalyst that propels businesses towards unparalleled efficiency, heightened productivity, and elevated customer experiences. Implementing BPA solutions can be transformative, however, the path to automation holds its share of challenges. Navigating the intricate landscape of process alignment, robust design, seamless integration, change management, and sustained ROI demands expertise and foresight.

As pioneers in delivering hyper-automated enterprise solutions, we at Sage IT, bridge the gap between process, productivity, and precision. We surpass the complexities of BPA, with meticulous strategy, proven implementation techniques, business pulse, and technical prowess, ensuring a smooth transition that doesn’t just meet your goals but maximizes technology investments.

Robotic Process Automation

Our Business Process Automation Services


Process Analysis and Consultation

Improve operational efficiency by identifying and optimizing your business workflows through comprehensive process analysis and consultation services. Our experts will evaluate your existing workflows, collaborate with your executive stakeholders, and propose custom automation strategies that align with your business goals.

Custom Software Development

Elevate your productivity by leveraging custom automation software solutions that streamline your business processes. We develop bespoke applications that blend with your current systems, delivering automation excellence and accelerated business growth in the dynamic landscape.


Workflow Automation

Accelerate your processes by implementing automated workflows and rule-based systems that minimize manual intervention and enhance coordination. Our team will sketch and build automated workflows, ensuring smooth transitions and approvals across every facet of your organization.


Data Integration & Management

Harmonize your data sources and improve data quality by automating data integration, validation, and transformation framework. Our data integration and management solutions weave data from a multitude of sources, ensuring precision & consistency through automated processes, and making it analytics-ready.


Data Analytics and Reporting Automation

Garner meaningful insights from every data droplet and optimize your business operations through real-time data analytics and reporting automation services. Our data specialists build automated reporting systems & interactive dashboards that ensure uninterrupted data delivery, providing actionable insights to facilitate sound decision-making.


Digital transformation

Maximize impact through automation & disruptive redesign of your business process with our intelligence-powered digital transformation solutions. Our experts help you modernize & transform the way your business operates by incorporating cognitive skills and cutting-edge technologies such as AI & machine learning.


Document Management

Simplify document-related tasks and enhance efficiency by automating document creation, approval, and storage processes with AI-powered document management services. We establish systems that blend cognitive AI, deep learning, & low-code solutions to extract and classify documents, encompassing digital signatures to expedite business processes.


Financial Process Automation

Navigate intricate finops such as invoice processing, expense management, and end-to-end transactions, through financial process automation solutions. Our experts integrate financial systems and automate tasks such as reconciliation, periodic audits, and taxation, ensuring accuracy and finops efficiency.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

Achieve streamlined operations by harmonizing ERP systems, and effectively automating finance, procurement, & inventory processes with ERP automation services. We ensure unhampered data flow, streamline business operations, better vendor relationships, and reliable transactions, leading to efficient resource utilization.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Automation

Empower your sales teams by automating lead management, customer communication, and marketing processes through CRM automation services. From onboarding emails to resolving customer inquiries, we automate end-to-end sales & marketing funnel by establishing workflows that bolster customer engagement and sales efficiency.


Supply Chain Management Automation

Reengineer your supply chain from the bottom line with automated order processing, real-time inventory tracking, AI-backed customer support, and supplier communications. We guide you through the intricate landscape of globalization, demand forecasting, data management, and sustainability using cutting-edge supply chain automation solutions.


Human Resources Automation

Simplify HR tasks and improve productivity by automating processes such as employee onboarding, leave management, performance management, talent acquisition, and payroll processing. Our human resources automation solutions include user-friendly self-service portals and workflows to rationalize HR operations.


E-commerce Process Automation

Automate e-commerce operations by streamlining order fulfillment, payment handling, inventory updates, & customer interactions through e-commerce process automation services. We deliver bespoke solutions backed by AI, Cognitive ML, & deep learning, to spark customer loyalty & increase retention rates.


Quality Assurance and Compliance Automation

Ensure regulatory compliance and uphold quality benchmarks with quality assurance and compliance automation solutions. Our focus revolves around automated solutions that guarantee adherence to industry-specific protocols such as HIPAA, PII, etc., and streamlined quality control processes.


Maintenance and Support

Maximize the enduring success of your business process automation solutions with continuous enhancements and maintenance. With our BPA-managed services, we automate notification systems, ensure sustained operational efficiency, and optimize automation costs wherever possible.


Delivering Value to Global Customers


“Partnering with Sage IT has been a game-changer for our critical workflows. By assigning our mundane customer queries and operational tasks to customized bots, our team can now dedicate valuable time and resources to innovation and product development. Not only have we achieved significant cost savings, but we’ve also experienced a remarkable 46% reduction in operational expenses.”

Chief operational officer,

Leading Fintech business.

Transcend business process automation where precision and performance converge