Digital Modernization

Digital Modernization is the key to building a digital organization faster and better. Modernizing Data, Systems and Processes are required to ensure that the foundation and platform for digital is robust, scalable and agile. Sage IT has been delivering Digital modernization programs to it’s customers and accelerating the move to Digital essentially delivering on the promise of Crush Cost, Grow Sales and Transform.

Integration Services

Sage IT’s Integration services addresses the needs of customers who are adopting faster to the changes of technology-driven business models. Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in organizational data, systems and process lifecycles.

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Architecture and Redesign of Integration Services
  • System and Platform Integration
  • Develop, Test, Deploy Integration Services
  • Monitor and Manage Integration Services

Microservices and API Management

Customers are constantly finding ways to create a service oriented organization where Services are consumed and published enabling inter and intra organization collaboration.   This also increasingly leading to Monetization of data and services

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Architecture and Redesign of API and Microservices
  • API lifecycle Management Services
  • Develop, Test, Deploy API Services
  • Monitor and Manage API Services

Legacy Modernization

One of the key services Sage IT offers in the area of Legacy Modernization. Customers who want to be digitally agile and scalable have to undertake exercise to modernize their legacy environment. This includes legacy systems modernization, integration modernization or data modernization.

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Legacy Architecture review and Modernization Roadmap Service
  • Legacy Migration Service
  • Develop, Test, Deploy Services
  • Monitor and Manage Landscape

Data to Value

Data becomes the backbone for the organization. With digital modernization, the value of data is critical which enables the organization to act fast, better, and larger. Data to Value service addresses end to end capability required to making data the biggest asset for the organization.

  • Data Management Services
  • Data Modernization Services
  • Data Visualization Services
  • Data Virtualization Services
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Data Science Services

Cloud Adoption Services

At Sage IT, Cloud Adoption service addresses the critical needs of customers who are embracing cloud for new capabilities and capacity and variablizing their cost of IT. With Cloud, customers are able to get new and advanced capabilities around Vision, AI, and ML which makes newer business models possible.

  • Cloud Strategy and Advisory Services
  • Journey to Cloud Services
  • Cloud Migration and Cloud Native Development
  • Cloud Operations
  • Dynamics 365 – Dynamics CRM

Master Data Management

Data is the new Oil – Refine it for better usage
In today’s world, data is the most important catalyst fuelling the growth of an organization. And Master Data is the key ingredient to extract most value form that oil.

Sage IT recommends leveraging a multi-domain approach to Master Data Management (MDM) that allows businesses to manage, govern and analyze their master data as a single-view-of-truth.

What makes Sage IT MDM solution unique?

  • Supports All types of Business Functions
  • Supports all levels of users
  • Flexible and Agile
  • Supports all four main implementation styles

TIBCO Services

Sage IT, a TIBCO ELITE Partner, provides focused, specialized and expertise-based services across the TIBCO products stack. We use automated tools for a Faster, Better and Cheaper modernization efforts.

  • TIBCO Cloud Migrations – TibTrak™ Scanner and Migration DevKit for Cloud Migrations
  • TIBCO Managed Services – Maximizing your current TIBCO Investments
  • TIBCO BOT Automation – Generate value to business and realize benefits if TIBCO automation

API Management

Sage IT enables Digital Modernization by building and managing APIs with the best of breed API management platforms. Sage IT enables new digital offerings including customer experience developer portals for clients, with their monetizable assets.

Developer Portal

  • Set up
  • Customization

Infrastructure Set Up

  • Non-prod and prod installation
  • Organization set up
  • Roles set up


  • COE Setup
  • Automation of deployment & Governance
  • Onboarding of APIs
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