This is the question everyone asks! The whole nine yards of discovery, selecting a suitable RPA candidate, analyzing products in the market, identifying a vendor, aligning internal teams, convincing the management and getting budget approvals have all been done and finally a BOT is in place and is successfully executing the defined process.  Now that the BOT is functioning, it should give the org an understanding of the value add and the flavor of what it takes to do the RPA journey and concerns of IT, HR, Finance etc. departments should ease.

But that’s not the case with most. There is still an apprehension for adoption and confusion to take the journey ahead. Although the stated benefits are being achieved with the first BOT, the hesitation prevails to get on with wider adoption. One of the main reasons, we at Sage IT believe is the way the RPA journey gets conceived and the level of importance the management gives to automation initiative.

All is not bad, there is still a method to get it re-aligned for strategic visibility. These are the five steps we suggest our Customers to follow post initial success

  1. Make a big noise about the initial RPA success; publish it in internal collaboration portals and ‘market’ it well
  2. Prepare a DEMO and conduct a roadshow or put it across during business reviews – seeing is believing and word of mouth is needed
  3. Identify other business stakeholders who can be potential RPA adopters to partner and collaborate with IT to spread the word
  4. Repeatedly highlight the hard dollar savings and ease of use as key parameters – aim to be the early adopter and change agent
  5. Emphasize that RPA is for operational efficiencies and not replacing manpower

Along with the above, organizations have also found that having a qualified Service Provider on board is an important driver for wider & accelerated adoption.

Sage IT with strong RPA expertise can be a suitable partner and provides greater success with RPA acceleration. As the saying goes ‘It takes two flints to make a fire’ (by Louisa May Alcott)

Gopi Krishna V Akella
Vice President – Sales & Business Development at Sage IT Inc.

Write to us at [email protected] for more details.

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