impact of global warming on the environment

In my previous article, I mentioned that we must all reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT.


Carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide released onto the atmosphere as a result of activities of a particular individual, community, organisation, industry.


impact of global warming on the environment

Simple steps:

What can you do? Move away from dirty fossil fuels toward cleaner power.

Use electrical energy efficiently. Where possible, use renewable energy.

Always buy energy efficient appliances, look for the Energy Star label. These may involve slightly higher cost but in the longer run, it is more than compensated by lower power bills. Use LED lights as they are more efficient and give more light per watt than any other light. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.

Switch off all electrical appliances WHEN NOT REQUIRED OR NOT IN USE e.g.: lights, fans, A.C.s, water heaters. Putting appliances on standby mode also consumes power and try to reduce putting appliances on standby mode, especially when the same is over a long period. Also switch off stabilisers when the main appliance is not in use.

Air conditioning of buildings and homes consume lot of energy. Look for ways of reducing the use of air conditioning systems.

Switch off desktops when not in use for long periods of time. It not only saves energy but also protects the computers’ data being compromised by.

Reduce water waste as lot of energy is used up by pump in treating and supplying through pipelines to reach your home. Further, water is as precious as energy.

Commute: Walk wherever possible. If not, use bicycle for short distance travel.

Go for fuel-efficient vehicle. Reduce flying whenever possible. Whenever possible, car pool or bike pool to reduce use of fossil fuels. You will save 1.5 kg of CO2 for every 5 km you don’t drive.


Vijayasarathy Mucherla

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