Cognitive Automation

Sage IT can help you define automation Center of Excellence and help design, develop, deploy and operationalize the Bots with security. We can help evaluate your applications and recommend the processes that can be identified and define the ROI. Our Agile Accelerate framework can realize the ROI in 8 to 12 weeks.

Automation Advisory

Our Automation Advisory services help customers through the entire life-cycle of automation process, from feasibility to support. This service includes identifying the right technology for automation, identifying the right use cases that maximize the ROI benefits. We have worked with companies of all sizes and helped them discover new areas of automation.

  • Advise & Guide
  • Define ROI Framework
  • Product Fitment & Suitability
  • Automation CoE Setup
  • Process Identification Framework

BOT Design and Development

We follow Design Thinking approach and our BOT Design and Development service ensures that the customers are designing and development automation is the best possible way keeping in mind usage, ROI and maintenance aspects. Design first thinking and fit for purpose is applied before embarking on the Automation development

  • Define Standards & Guidelines
  • Design BOT Framework
  • Process Design & Technical Design
  • Develop & Implement BOTS

BOT Security and DevOps

At Sage IT, we understand that the Humans and Machines have to interact and co-exist at the same time. It is of paramount importance that we integrate all relevant Security aspects with the machine BOTS. This includes provisioning, authentication, authorization, auditing and adherence to all security practices and provisions of the organization. Automating DevOps for BOTS is very important as increasingly BOTS are developed and deployed at scale as they get migrated though the pipeline from dev-test and production.

  • Define Security for BOTS
  • Integrate with Corporate Security (SSO/AD)
  • Embed Security Policies
  • Sensitive Data Encryption

BOT Operations

We believe operations is critical for any business, to run an efficient business you need highly agile operations.  BOT Operations are different than traditional operations.  Our BOT Operations Services enables you to maximze ROI, provides full lifecycle maintenance, management and support of BOTS in a shared service model. Our command control centre ensures that the BOT monitoring and management is done very similar to the rest of the IT landscape in an integrated fashion.

  • Operationalize BOTS
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Effective License Management
  • Command Control Center
  • Monitor Services

Hi-BOT Services

Sage IT’s Hi-BOT services address the need to bring in intelligence to the BOT environment. With availability of data, and ability to create and integrated machine learning algorithm, the BOTS become intelligent enough to take decisions like humans. Sage IT has been working with several customers to integrate Azure and AWS ML models with Automation.

  • BOT Analytics
  • Cognitive BOTS
  • Integration with AI/ML for Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Assistants & Chatbots
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