Customer Interactions

The future of Customer Interaction is Chat, Talk, See and Feel. These Interactions combined with traditional interactions from Web, Mobile, In-person, Call Center, Chat, and Field Services have to be managed better through data and intelligence. A better interaction leads to better customer experience. A better customer experience leads to Advocacy and Loyalty of the customer.

Salesforce Solutions

With Sage IT’s expertise and experience on Salesforce, you can transform the way you collaborate with customers, employees and partners. Explore our custom industry applications and accelerators on the Salesforce platform that can help you streamline key business processes. Our Services Include

  • Implementation Services
  • Managed Services
  • Integration Services
  • Data Services

UI/UX Development & Support

Sage IT’s UI/UX development and support reimagines customer interactions in the new age with capabilities that address Application, Mobile Application, Conversation UI, Voice as an Interface and Virtual Interface.

  • UX Design Services
  • UI Development and Maintenance Services
  • UX Testing Services
  • UI/UX Maintenance Services


Sage IT’s Mobility Services address the need to expand the boundaries of the organization with applications that work on the mobile platform and provide the ability to manage multiple types of interactions.

  • Mobile Development Services
  • Mobile Testing Services
  • Mobile Migration Services
  • Mobility Support Services

Unified Customer Experience

Sage IT’s Unified Customer Experience services addresses the ability to bring Data and Intelligence from different interactions to address Collaboration tools, Content Management, Knowledge Management, Social and Digital Engagement, Insights and Analytics, and AI and Robotics.

  • Advisory Services
  • Robotics Services
  • Analytics Services
  • Operations Services
  • Digital Services

Innovation Services

Sage IT’s Innovation Services address the need to quickly scale and prove value of technology for addressing business problems. Our Innovation Service is defined by a unique way of incubating, developing and maturing solutions by taking them through a Lab to Industralization.

  • Lab as a Services
  • POC and POV Services
  • Product Development Services
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