Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping many innovative enterprises to make their workforce more relevant for business processes. RPA also assists these enterprises in surmounting technical and operational vulnerabilities that could threaten a business, especially with the competition.

These enterprises use the latest advances in cognitive robotic processes to reduce human errors in manual workplaces. A combination of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, and speech recognition technologies help these organizations automate rule-based processes.

Using intelligent process automation will reduce work in the long run and create new ones as RPA programming, process automation, etc. These skills are necessary for handling the most time-consuming organizational tasks.

Benefits Of RPA

Better Customer Satisfaction: RPA frees up more time for your employees, allowing them to focus more on customer-centric tasks and give them more attention.

Faster Services: Back-office processes that slow down operations will no longer be the norm. Manually entering forms into systems and copying data are tasks that RPA can handle comfortably.

Improved Scalability: If you want to scale with manual processes, you must hire more hands. With RPA, scaling is so much easier, and the cost is not nearly the same. You can quickly adapt and increase your capabilities for demands.

What can software Robots do?

Many of these software robots can do the following:

  • Execute repetitive/manual tasks
  • Login to many applications
  • Easily create connections with system APIs
  • Read and write databases
  • Gather data from the internet
  • Move files and folders
  • Extract indicated content from emails, forms, and PDF
  • Make fast calculations

Sage IT Capabilities In RPA

Our capabilities in RPA cover the following fields:

  • Finance: Reduce errors in ERP data entry, Invoice creation, etc
  • HR: Resume screening/matching, Compliance reporting, etc
  • Procurement: Freight management, Returns processing, Contract management, etc
  • IT: Server monitoring, Data migration, Security monitoring, etc
  • Customer Service: Complaint tracking, Validation checks, etc
  • Sales and Marketing: CRM Updates, Email campaigns, etc
  • Tax: Tax process automation, Compliance Audit, etc

How does It Work?

Here is our strategy for the implementation of RPA systems

Consider processes we need to automate and list them out

Perform feasibility assessment on each of the processes

Optimize based on results gotten from feasibility assessment

Collect user stories

Develop RPA Solutions according to clients’ needs

Test RPA Solution

Confirm Feasibility and Deploy

RPA Services We Offer

Some of our RPA services that help drive process efficiency include:

RPA Assessment: We carry out a feasibility study to understand your company’s RPA readiness and maturity level.

Process Mining and Optimization: We use process mining to get a view of the end-to-end processes in your organization to pinpoint bottlenecks and calculate automation potential.

RPA Development and Deployment: We build an RPA system that caters to your unique organizational tasks based on your requirements and workloads. Our unique deployment process uses different phases so your staff can fully understand all the necessary details.

RPA Automation Operating Model: If your business is at that stage, we will provide an in-depth strategy consultation to deploy an Automation Operating Model based on your unique needs.

RPA Center of Excellence: Our center of excellence strategy will streamline the success of deployed RPA program while concentrating on enablement, change management, support, and governance.

Robotic Operations Center: We constantly strive to ensure your automation keeps performing optimally and our operations center provides that. We offer round-the-clock monitoring, response, incidence management that reduces risk.

Challenges We Solve

Here are some of the challenges that using RPA can help you solve:

  • IT services spending a lot of their time on low-level/ repetitive tasks
  • Many rule-based processes that need not be done manually
  • Increasing costs on manual invoice processing and other manual tasks
  • Many errors with manual processes
  • Challenges collecting and preparing data

RPA Tools & Technologies We Work With

Some of the most common tools and technologies we use in our processes include:

  • Power Automate
  • Azure Automation
  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Azure Logic Apps

Why RPA Services With Us?

Multi-domain expertise that caters to several industries

Simple to use RPA systems

Several years of experience in deploying tested and trusted RPA solutions

Flexible costing and engagement models

Guiding hand through the process that gets your team members up to speed

The use of RPA is a no-brainer. It has so many benefits that not implementing them in your organization will leave you behind your competitors. Our RPA services are fully specialized to detect most of the core areas that need help, and we’ll deploy a custom solution to meet your needs.


1. What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that lets organizations use software products to perform tasks in a pre-programmed way.

2. Why are companies pushing for RPA?

Companies are encouraging the use of RPA for business processes because it helps:

  • Increase capacity and throughput
  • Boost returns on investment
  • Far lower cost than hiring more hands to do manual tasks
  • Lower cycle time and time to market
  • It takes out the possibility of human errors
  • Keeps employees satisfied

3. What are the business benefits of RPA??

Here are some of the business benefits of RPA:

  • Consistent performance
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Reconciliation from different systems
  • More efficient IT support and management
  • Versatility in the functions and options

4. How do you get started with RPA? How do you scale it?

Getting started on your RPA journey is more straightforward, with Sage IT guiding you along the path. Follow the steps below to begin your journey into RPA.

  • Please book a consultation with our automation experts so they can access your company for the areas where automation is necessary/possible.
  • Our team of experts will then build an RPA business case peculiar to your organization.
  • We determine your optimal operating model.
  • Determine the best automation partners for your solution
  • Plan the roadmap to automation and come up with an RPA Governance plan

We can help you scale your RPA processes based on your wish or business demands without causing any disruptions to your operations.


5. How could RPA help SMEs?

RPA can help SMEs because of the immense cost savings in not hiring employees to handle manual tasks. Since their operations are considerably smaller, RPA can handle many aspects, including accounting, data entry, etc

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