Cloud Service Models for Digital Transformation - SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

Popular Cloud Service Models for Digital Transformation: SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

Digitalization today has become a part of every initiative and “Cloud computing” is adopted industry-wide. It is therefore crucial to make digital transformation more reliable and cost-effective. “Cloud” means a remote web server where different applications and databases are hosted and executed. These services work via secure internet. It depends on the type of models and categories provided by the cloud service providers to operate their users and businesses.

The following three cloud service models are well used within the world of Cloud Computing:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

SaaS – Software as a Service

This service is widely used and utilized by most businesses within the industry. The type of services depends on vendor to vendor and how they deliver the applications to the end users. There is a suite of SaaS application that work on web browsers, they do not need any installations and can be run directly by the user/client.

The following uses or functions of SaaS applications.

  • It can be managed from any location the user is
  • It is also used for remote server hosting
  • It manages hardware or software updates, and the user need not bother
  • It is mostly used by start-ups who no need to worry about regular server or software issues
  • Applications that need both web and mobile access to make it responsive

PaaS- Platform as a Service

This model is used by the application developers who ideally rent all the necessary tools to develop the complete application. The services like development tools, infrastructure, and operating systems are provided by the cloud service provider where we host our applications. From a developer point of view, PaaS is an internet application development model where all backend systems are managed by service provided.

  • PaaS is more useful if someone wants to develop customer face applications like Web Services and APPS
  • PaaS manages and streamline workflows that can be used for identical projects in the future
  • PaaS allows for integration with different vendors with the same speed and suppleness to the complete process

The functionalities or characteristics of PaaS in Cloud service are

  • Easy scaling of the system based on the system performance and business requirements
  • It provides all required tools to deploy, test, and host the applications on the cloud
  • Easy integration to web services and databases within the eco-system

IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service

Physical servers are difficult to maintain and manage in large applications. It needs a team of people to manage, monitor the services round the clock, and also involve cost. IaaS is a cloud service where vendors host the infrastructure and application on behalf of customers. Service providers use data centers to host customers’ infrastructure. The entire ecosystem can be accessed over the web by the seller or purchasers to create and host web applications, store data, run business logic, or do anything more flexible that could not be done at on-premise infrastructure.

For the below situations IaaS is more useful

  • It decreases the time and money on procuring hardware and software for startups and small and medium companies
  • Larger companies may choose to retain complete control over their applications and infrastructure, but they need to buy only what they really consume or need
  • IaaS can be scalable and they can change specific hardware and software easily on a need basis

Characteristics that IaaS include

  • The price varies as per the resource and services consumed by the user or client
  • Cloud services have utmost scalability and there may be multiple users on a single hardware
  • As it is dynamic and versatile, organizations have the choice to retain complete control of infrastructure

Final Thought

Cloud computing can significantly transform your business. However, choosing the right cloud service model is crucial as it determines how well the cloud services will perform. SaaS is ideal for cloud-centered software, such as CRM, productivity tools, and email. IaaS is perfect if you’re looking for a 100% virtual computing platform with robust resources. Lastly, PaaS is ideal for anyone looking for a platform for developing and testing applications and software.

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